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Music Band Logo Design

Music Band Logo Design

By on Jul 7, 2013 in Logo Design | 0 comments

A few years back a band asked me to create a logo for their band. The band was called the American Barfight.


I wanted to capture the “bar fight” in the type. To do this I used a font that was bold and then I started customizing and rotating each letter. The goal here was to make the logo look as though it was a mirror that had been smashed or punched out. How often in the movies do you see someone punch a mirror or throw a bottle into the mirror behind the bar? All the time right? Yeah, this is what I wanted to go with for the logotype of the logo.

I also wanted to add a character to help people connect with the image. The band liked being a little different so I decided to create an angry octopus type character that was ready to throw down at any second.

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